The future of work with ENDI

Prior to the adoption of digital transformation, most of the daily work was done in a designated physical space. Traditional work has changed in the last 20 years; with digital transformation come a growing freelance economy, and cloud-based solutions that have improved the ways people interact and work accross countries, time zones and within multidisciplinary teams.We like to call this "The COOL-TRUE of work"

Without ENDI
Optimize costs
Save time and money with the most cost-effective solution to manage work. (Less than €7.00 per user, monthly).
Using multiple solutions to manage work is 4 to 5 times more expensive (+€30.00 cost per user, monthly).
Evolve tracking
Manage work with innovative solutions and new methodologies, in one single place.
Manage work, traditionally. (Spreadsheets, emails, long meetings, etc.)
Increase control
Empower human talent. Create roles, assign work and track progress transparently.
Struggle while managing external or temporary human talent.
Enhance communication
Manage your communication and track progress in a single virtual place by using workspaces and projects.
Lose communication and track of progress using different channels to communicate with team members
Improve file management
Easily manage all files in one place at a per project level.
Waste time looking for specific files inside several tools and locations.
Work location
Work and manage work from anywhere.
Work on an assigned physical space
Reduce amount of tools
Manage and control everything on a “All in one” virtual co-workspace
Handling and managing work with more than 4 different solutions

A new era of how work is done

We envision a virtual co-workspace where people can choose the location and place to work from, be productive and feel happy with their work.